Our role within society is one of the fundamental elements of our corporate philosophy, and making our best efforts to continuously contribute to the realization of a better society is one of the core reasons for our existence.
Although what we can do is comparatively small, we continuously try to increase our contributions to society to ensure we give back as much as possible.

Daishin Scholarship

Why we started supporting students studying abroad.

img01When Daishin Corporation was founded seven years ago, it was so with the belief that our prosperity would require us to make a positive social contribution. As such, we repeatedly discussed what form these contributions should take before deciding on supporting young people who showed serious aspirations to study abroad.

Generally, Japanese people are not very good at expressing themselves. On occasion representatives of Daishin have the opportunity to attend international conferences and, when doing so, have observed that the Japanese attendees, even when there are several of them, rarely speak or interact with others in attendance. Of course, there are many Japanese who are active on the international stage but, on average, the ratio of Japanese who actively speak in a foreign language on such occasions seems to be low.


Japanese products are recognized globally for their high quality, and Japan's economic power has been consistently developing since the Meiji Restoration in 1868. However, whilst Japan has a first class economy, its political standing is often seen as second class; Japanese who can perform as leaders on the world stage are seldom seen.

Essentially, Japanese people are not very talkative. Typical Japanese expressions such as "silence is golden", "actions speak louder than words" and "read the atmosphere" show the lack of belief in the importance of being able to express our own opinions and perspectives directly to others. Those with a similar mindset may find living in Japan to be easy, but, as the world becomes smaller and international competition becomes more intense, the importance of expressing our own perspectives, and understanding those of others, is becoming more and more important if we are to maintain close international relationships. A simple reason for these communication issues stems from a lack of practical English education in Japan and the considerable difference between the English and Japanese languages. Even when including those who speak broken English, it seems as though a low percentage of Japanese can speak English and if you are poor at English it is difficult to make yourself understood on the world stage.

In recognizing this situation, we decided we want to give as many Japanese youths as possible the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with foreigners and share information about Japan with others. Therefore, we decided to offer scholarships to young people who seriously aspire to study abroad, as we believe this experience will help them not only to rediscover the beauty of Japan but to also gain confidence in themselves. Moreover, to encourage students to remain self-motivated, we do not cover the entire cost of studying abroad but rather focus on supporting the cost of tuition and travel for one year of study in undergraduate, graduate and MA programmes. As a result of such exchanges between Japan and other countries, a greater number of Japanese people will be able to express themselves confidently and this will encourage friendship and interaction between Japan and other countries. We believe this will benefit not only Japan, but also the countries we work with.

June 6, 2011
Daishin Corporation

Scholarship Student Reports (Updated Monthly)

--We focus on fostering globally competent talents who, as Japanese, are able to express their own thoughts when communicating with foreign people--

August 2020

<Looking back 2019-2020 academic year>

One year has passed since I started my study in San Diego. Spring and Summer 2020 semesters were rough because of the coronavirus pandemic. Regardless of such unstable circumstances, the Daishin Corporation decided to keep supporting my study and research. I sincerely appreciate for Daishin’s continuous support, financially and mentally, during the year.


I would like to look back on the goals that I stated in my motivation letter and its achievement after a year.


For study and research aspects, I aimed to obtain a broad knowledge of hydrology and potential impacts of land-use and climate on water resources. Studying at SDSU has definitely been the right choice to achieve this goal. My advisor provided me lots of opportunities to explore watersheds under various climates. Through doing research assistant, I learned a lot about multiple watersheds, from the arid urban rivers in San Diego, snowy watersheds in the Pacific Northwest, to the watershed prone to wildfire-related floods in California. My advisor from my undergraduate days also kindly kept in touch with me, and I was able to submit my thesis on the Indonesian watershed to a journal. Classes are also helpful for me to establish my fundamental knowledge about hydrology, from observation to modeling. As the next step in the second year, I would like to (1) continue learning about various watersheds, (2) summarize results of each project as a comprehensive research outcome, and (3) learn theories about climatology and geographic information systems taking classes about them.


In terms of research skills, my objective was to improve my command of academic English and logical thinking process. Feedback in class and from my supervisor help me achieve this goal. I had many opportunities to write and present research and receive high-quality feedback on them. I find my writing and presentation improving each time. Also, I realized there are more variety of research skills to acquire in addition to the above-mentioned skills, such as problem-solving skills, coding skills to handle large data, and broad and deep knowledge about hydrology etc. I met professors and students who had a good balance of these research skills at a high level, which helped me to solidify my ideal figure of hydrologists.


[Cross-cultural Communication] I set my goals to interact with and learn from people to broaden my perspectives. Californians are generally very liberal, and they always made me accepted and comfortable without hesitance. Thanks to them, I enjoyed conversations on various topics. Every conversation has been full of discovery to me: what topics to talk (it was interesting that American people talk about supermarkets in different states), what is considered interesting, how the other person would react, how I should respond to them etc. I’m still struggling to understand the conversation when the topic is about something I don’t know about (movie, newspaper, snacks, etc.), so I’m hoping to learn them little by little and accustomed to people more.


<For the future>

Many countries around the world, including Japan, experienced unprecedented scale of flood and drought during the year 2019-2020. It made me think of what society expects of hydrologist twenty years from now when I become a capable researcher. Currently, the primary demand from society is predictions of water disaster considering climate change and make decision-making based on those projections. As the disaster damage getting severe, and the effects of climate change become more apparent, the needs might shift form’ prediction and decision making’ to ‘implementation’: rapid implementation of flood and drought control measures. I believe catchment hydrology, which I study, is very fundamental and appliable to a wide variety of demands. Right now, I only have a broad ambitious ‘dream’ of contributing to the changing society with the knowledge of hydrology, so I will keep exploring more specific ideas to realize the ‘dream.’


Last but not least, I would like to thank again for the support of the Daishin Scholarship for their support. I was able to complete my first year as an international student, in which I enjoyed every day learning new things.

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2017 Scholarship Student Comments

“My world has been definitely broadened through this year.”

Graduated from Japanese University in March 2016, 24 years old

It has been a year after I was warmly sent off from Daishin Scholarship members. Through this year, my world has been definitely broadened. I have unintentionally achieved my goal which I aimed to accomplish thorough my study abroad, for instance, debating in English with my professor without any hesitations or launching a new project with my fellow students. Thanks to all the support from Daishin Scholarship, I managed to spend this year without having any concern on my living expense nor working budget. With much appreciation of having this precious opportunity, I will put much more effort on my study for the following year.

2014 Scholarship Student Comments

“I would like to share the knowledge gained during my study abroad not only with Japan but also with the whole world.”

Graduated from Japanese university in March 2014, 23 years old

It has already been three months since I started my study abroad. There has been trials and errors as I sometimes face unfamiliar issues, but I stay positive and believe that every challenge is an opportunity for further growth. In the U.S., I find myself in an environment where, through close contact with students who come from all over the world, every day I can learn something new both at school and in my life outside school. And I realize that this opportunity to go forward, to realize my future dream while stretching my capacities to their maximum, is thanks to the Daishin Scholarship. I am really determined to do my best in order to meet the expectations of everyone who has offered me this precious chance, and I shall strive to give back from the knowledge and experience learnt during this time not only to Japan, but also to the international community.


2013 Scholarship Student Comments

“I will do my best to make more progress through my studies and a new life.”

Graduated from a Japanese university in March 2013, 23 years old

While I was very anxious about whether I would be able to keep up with my studies in a graduate school overseas and in my competence to communicate in English when studying abroad, my greatest concern was the expenses required for an overseas education. However, the staff at Daishin Scholarship supported me by listening to my concerns and helping me in various ways, even before I was granted the scholarship. I received great moral support. I have just arrived in London. I aim do my best in graduate school and in my new life in an English-speaking environment so I can make greater progress in my studies as well as in my life.

2012 Scholarship Student Comments

“Studying is not easy and involves many challenges, but I can feel myself growing. I will make every effort not to waste this year.”

Graduated from a Japanese university in March 2012, 24 years old

Attending a graduate school abroad was not an easy choice for me from the aspects of time and cost. However, after I started studying in the UK, I realized that this was the best investment of my life, and I do not regret my decision. Of course, the studying is not easy and involves many challenges, but I can feel myself growing and I am already excited to see the kind of skills I will gain within a year. Thanks to the Daishin Scholarship, I have the opportunity to study in the best location, London. I appreciate it very much. I will make every effort not to waste this year.

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