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Redox Flow Battery

An article on Nikkei Technology Online dated April 15th says that, “IEC started deliberations in early April for international standardization of redox flow battery with a longer operating life that can operate on a steady basis”.

The Redox flow battery is a rechargeable battery for electric power storage and its basic principle was developed by NASA in 1974. Although it is difficult to be downsized, it has a characteristic of being safer compared to the NaS battery.

A type of redox flow battery that is made using vanadium as one of the raw materials is under development for a practical application. Development initiative has been taken by several companies including Prudent Energy in China and Sumitomo Electric Industries in Japan.

IEC aims for completing the standard in the next few years. Needless to say, it is essential to develop an efficient and safe rechargeable battery in order to expand the use of regenerated energy and a low-carbon society come true.