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According to an article of Japan Metal Bulletin dated on April 15, “domestic price of low grade indium for alloy is ranging 76,000 – 81,000 yen per kg (approx. USD740 – 790 per kg.), the same as the previous week”.

Indium is a soft silver-white metal to be used for transparent conductive films for touch panels after processed into indium tin oxide (ITO), lead-free solder material, semiconductor element material, etc.

It is created as a byproduct of zinc and China is the biggest producing country. One of the dominant markets is Japan. However, its domestic demand has declined lately.

Fanya Metal Exchange in Yunnan Province, China, which is rumored to have some relationship with the Chinese Government, is said to have an inventory well over the annual demand of the world, and according to traders, domestic prices in China have been increasing again to such a price exceeding 4,500 Yuan per kg. (approx. USD720 per kg.).

Future moves of Fanya Metal Exchange, which is holding a large quantity in inventory, are attracting attention.