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Tosoh Corporation

According to the financial results for the previous period announced on May 9, the sales of Tosoh Corporation were 772.3 billion yen (approx. 7.6 billion dollar), up 15% year-on-year from 668.5 billion yen and operating profit, profits from its core business (pre-tax), was 41.6 billion yen (approx. 408.5 million dollar), up 70% year-on-year from 24.5 billion yen.

Tosoh is a full-line Japanese chemical manufacturer, established in 1935 in Yamaguchi Prefecture as an electrolytic soda factory (the electrolytic soda industry specializes in the production of caustic soda, chlorine, and hydrogen by electrolysis of salt water). Its original name was Toyo Soda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The company produces caustic soda, ethylene amines, quartz materials, urethane materials, PVC, chloroprene rubber, cement, bromine compound, zirconia, ethylene, propylene, petroleum resin, PPS resin and other specialty products at its plants, which are located in Nanyo, Yamaguchi Prefecture, its place of birth, and Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture.

PVC monomer production facilities in its Nanyo Complex whose operation had been suspended due to an accident in November 2011, resumed in 2012 and were in full operation throughout 2013, leading to an increase in shipping volume. The company’s exports have become profitable due to the depreciation of yen and the increase in the shipping volume of its specialty products. It seems that all these elements have led to the rise in the level of sales and profit.

The closing stock price (total market value) of the company as of May 9 was 247 billion yen (approx. 2.4 billion dollar), up 5.65% from the day before.