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Labor Shortage in Japan

Recently, I heard news that a major beef bowl chain had to close or shorten business hours of many of its restaurants due to labor shortages.

Not only the restaurant industry, but also other industries including construction, transportation, and pilot etc. have faced the same problem and there is too much news about the labor shortage to completely list here.

According to the labor force survey conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan, the work force has been on the decline after the peak around 2000. The number of young people between 15 years old and 29 years old have especially  been dramatically decreasing.

Although the increase in wages may be a positive factor for the Japanese economy that aims for a total recovery from deflation, downsizing of business activity due to labor shortages is a major negative factor.

While the government of Japan is expected to devise various measures including countermeasures against the falling birth rate and acceptance of foreign workers, Japanese companies need to implement effective measures to improve the productivity of each employee through enhancement of employee training and efficient introduction of IT and so on.