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Mitsui Chemicals Acquires Eyewear Lens Business from Corning

On May 20, Mitsui Chemicals announced “it had acquired the business rights, patents, and trademark rights of the eyewear photochromic lens material business from Corning, a major American glass manufacturer.”

With photochromic lens, photochromic materials knead into the lens changes its color shade in response to ultraviolet radiation. Recently, I started using glasses that incorporate this technology. They are very convenient as I can use them as an ordinary transparent pair of glasses indoors and as a pair of sunglasses outdoors.

I hope the company to develop a next-generation eyewear lens by combining the eyewear lens material technology in which the company already has strengths with the photochromic technology.

Among major Japanese chemical companies, Mitsui Chemicals has a tendency for attaching too much importance to the petrochemical industry. Therefore, I expect they will now expand their healthcare materials business.