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Shrinking Japanese Population

According to an announcement dated June 4th by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of births in Japan in 2013 was 1,029,800, which is down by 7431 from 2012 and the number of deaths in Japan in 2013 was 1,268,432, which is up by 12,073 from 2012.
Subtraction shows that the population of Japan decreased by 238,632.

Although the total fertility rate was 1.43%, which exceeded the value of the previous year of 1.41%, it is obvious that unless the rate becomes over 2, the population will continue to shrink.
Especially, the total fertility rate in Tokyo was 1.13%, which was well below the national average.

The leading cause of deaths was cancer (28.8%), followed by cardiac disorders (15.5%). Suicide ranked 7th with 2.1%. The number of male suicide victims was 18,146 and the number of female suicide victims was 7,892. There is a difference.
The number of people who passed away from old age was 16,807 for men and 52, 877 for women.