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Indium Prices Down

According to Japan Metal Bulletin on June 10, domestic prices of low-grade indium for alloy and others fell by JPY1,000/kg from the previous week to JPY73,000 – 77,000.

Indium is a rare metal produced as a by-product of Zinc. China is the biggest producing country. Since speculation in China has pushed prices up recently, there is concern about a sudden price drop. Fanya Metal Exchange, the biggest rare metal exchange in China, is speculated to have an inventory exceeding 2,500 tons; this is well over the 600 tons that is the annual virgin indium demand throughout the world, excluding recycled products.

According to Metal Bulletin (UK), the Chinese domestic market has been consistent at around RMB5,000/kg since April, up about 25% from RMB4,000/kg a year ago.
Japan is one of the dominant markets; but domestic demand in Japan at present seems stable. In the long term, domestic usage is gradually decreasing.