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Exports in May declined in Japan

According to the June 18 announcement of the Ministry of Finance of Japan, Japan’s exports in May fell 2.7% year over year to 5,607.6 billion Japanese Yen, recording a decrease year over year for the first time in 15 months.
Looking at each region, exports to China slightly increased by 0.4% to 1,049.7 billion Japanese Yen, but exports to the U.S. and to Asian countries fell from the previous year, 2.8% to 1,010.7 billion Japanese Yen and 3.4% to 3,087.9 billion Japanese Yen, respectively.
Exchange rates have been hovering with a weak Japanese Yen trending lower than USD1 = JPY100 – it seems the slowdown of the Asian economy has impacted this.
I asked some fellow manufacturers and trading companies in the chemical field in Japan about recent economic trends. The volume of orders in April to June has been poor in most companies.