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Toyota Plans to Release Fuel-cell-powered Car within This Fiscal Year

According to an announcement made by Toyota Motor Corporation on June 25, “the company will launch a sedan-type fuel-cell-powered car in Japan by March 2015. The price will be around JPY 7 million. The car will be launched in summer 2015 in Europe”.
Using hydrogen as fuel, a fuel-cell-powered car has a system to drive a motor by generating electric power through reaction with oxygen in the air.

I once rented an electric vehicle (EV) in Okinawa. The maximum driving distance of an EV is around 200 kilometers, which is rather short, and the number of charging stations is limited. Therefore, I had to think about charging the vehicle all the time. I remember that it took around 20 minutes to fully charge the battery.
On the other hand, the maximum driving distance of a fuel-cell-powered car is longer, around 700 kilometers, and the hydrogen charging time is only 3 minutes. I am impressed with the high-level convenience of the car. In the future, I expect the establishment of more hydrogen stations will be promoted. However, further innovations for safety is inevitable.