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Price Increase of Caprolactam

I mentioned in this weblog article on June 28 about the price increase of benzene. Now the price of caprolactam, which is derived from cyclohexane obtained through the hydrogenation of benzene, is also increasing.Caprolactam is used as a raw material for nylon.
In recent years, the price of caprolactam has been low due to a continuous production increase in China.

According to a Nikkei Newspaper article on July 4, Ube Industries, Ltd., the biggest caprolactam manufacturer in Japan with production facilities in Japan (Ube), Thailand, and Spain “offered to large-demand customers a price of USD2,375 a ton for the month of July, which was USD140 higher than the price for June”.Chinese manufacturers are also increasing their prices.
Recent rising crude oil prices have started to impact on prices of various products.