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Medicine for Influenza Attracting Attention in the Ebola Virus Epidemic

According to the Nikkei Newspaper on August 25, “Mr. Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, announced in a press conference in the morning on that date that the Government, if WHO requests, is ready to provide medication that might be effective in the fight against Ebola hemorrhagic fever”.

The medication he was referring to was Favipiravir (product name: Avigan Tablet), which Toyama Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd., a subsidiary of Fujifilm approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on March 24, 2014, developed as a medicine for influenza.
The Ebola virus has a viral structure similar to that of influenza. The medicine was proved to be effective on the Ebola virus in an animal experiment in Germany.

Fujifilm says it currently has an inventory for 20 thousand people and has already prepared a system to continuously produce it.
I really hope it works.