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The Furukawa Battery Developed Paper Air Battery

The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. announced on August 29th, “the company is launching an emergency magnesium air battery in a paper container in December this year”.

A magnesium air battery is a kind of fuel battery that uses metallic magnesium on the negative side, aerial oxygen on the positive side, and salt solution as an electrolytic solution.

The Furukawa Battery was established by spinning off the battery section of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. in 1950.
Its factory is located in Fukushima Prefecture, the area struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Based on its experience during the earthquake, the company successfully developed the world’s first emergency magnesium air battery in a paper container.
The battery can generate electricity only by adding water or sea water (the maximum power generation time is 5 days) and it can charge a smartphone up to 30 times.

Human beings may sometimes be foolish but are gradually evolving.