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Toyo Aluminum Partners with an Indian Company

Toyo Aluminum K.K. announced on September 8 that it had signed a letter of intent for a joint business with MMP Industries Ltd., India.

Toyo Aluminum is a subsidiary aluminum maker of Nippon Light Metal Holdings Company, Ltd., and is strong in aluminum paste, an aluminum pigment mainly used as automotive paint.
Nippon Light Metal‘s consolidated sales for the previous fiscal year were 94.3 billion Japanese yen, with a workforce totaling 2,500.
The sales of MMP for the previous fiscal year were 2.2 billion yen, with a workforce totaling 320.

Their aim seems to be strengthening the sales structure in the Indian market, where many Japanese manufacturers in related industries such as Suzuki Motor, Toyota Motor, Nissan Motor, Honda Motor, Isuzu Motors, Kansai Paint and Nippon Paint have been expanding their business.