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Where Is Abechronomics Going?

The Cabinet Office of Japan announced the revised GDP for the April-June period at the real annualized rate decreased by 7.1% compared with the previous quarter.
The flash report figure of 6.8% was revised downward and the negative gap is the widest seen since the global financial crisis triggered by the Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy.
Unless the July-September period result shows a dramatic recovery, the clouds will begin to gather over the whereabouts of Abechronomics.

Recently, the depreciation of the JPY and higher stock prices have been ongoing day by day.
However, as an exporting company, our results are not benefiting, and judging from everyday business confidence, it is hard to believe that the July-September period result will show significant positive growth.
In no time, articles on an economic downturn may be out in newspapers. Unless things change for the better before that, Mr. Abe might be in trouble.