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Price of Caprolactam Dropped

On October 7, the Nikkei Newspaper reported that the “contract price offered by Ube Industries Ltd., a major caprolactam manufacturer to consumers in Asia during September was USD 2,245 per ton, down by USD 75 (3%) per ton from the previous month”.

Caprolactam is used as a raw material for nylon.
However, many manufacturers in China are currently increasing their production volume, making it very difficult for other companies to earn a margin.
The price of benzene, one of the raw materials of caprolactam, increased in June to August, and sharply fell in September.
In response to this trend, the price of caprolacatam is liable to drop.
In addition to this, due to the deteriorating economic conditions in Asia, the demand for caprolactam has also fallen into a sluggish pace.