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A Japanese Student Who Wants to Join the Islamic State

Sources recently revealed that a male student (26 years old) at Hokkaido University was planning to travel to Syria with the purpose of joining the Islamic State as a combatant and that the Public Safety Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department had searched his house on suspicion of preparing terrorist-related activities.
It appeared that he had already purchased an air ticket to a neighboring country of Syria.

I cannot imagine how someone who is living in present-day Japan would want to fight as a combatant in the Islamic State.
It is also strange that a bookstore in the Tokyo Metropolitan area was advertising a job opening in Syria.

Since the said person is reportedly telling a journalist he has no interest in Islam or in Syria, it may be just that he happened to find the place while searching for an outlet for his frustration in life.
It is surprising to know that many young people from around the world are heading to the Islamic State.
I suppose this shows how the world is loaded with contradictions.
I hope that by the day I die there will be less contradictions in this world than there were on the day I was born.