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Bismuth Price Drop

Recently we often hear about price drops, and today’s story is about bismuth.

Bismuth is a metal with a silver gray color, and because its melting point is 271.5 ºC, low as a metal, it is used as a low melting point alloy.
Recently, the demand of bismuth as a substitute for lead such as lead-free soldering material is increasing.

The major index in Europe, Metal Bulletin price has greatly dropped to USD10 per kg from the level of USD12 per kg in September-October.
This is from the downfall trend in crude oil and other nonferrous metals prices.

The increase of the bismuth stock at the Chinese rare metals stock exchange “The Fanya Metal Exchange” to exceed China’s annual consumption is also considered to be one of the causes, and in addition to that, the rumor that the Chinese Government authority carried out an on-site inspection at the Fanya Exchange in the middle of November also possibly influenced the market psychology.