Purchasing Flow ~ From sending your inquiries to receiving our chemical products ~ Purchasing Flow ~ From sending your inquiries to receiving our chemical products ~

1) Clarifying desired conditions for purchasing by yourselves

Please clarify chemical names, required specifications, usage quantity per month (an estimated quantity for setting up a project), desired purchase price, scheduled purchase time, etc. at your end.
Also, please check whether you have all necessary licenses/permits to import the chemical which you are interested in to your country.

The meaning of buying chemical products manufactured in Japan

When comparing only price and specifications, it seems that the prices of Japanese chemical products are high. For this reason, sometimes, Japanese chemical products are not the best option for some users, depending on purposes and needs.

However, we never offer fake products, and when you actually use our products, you will appreciate that we offer products with high functionality, quality uniformity, unique technologies, ease of use at your plant and user-oriented service that are commensurate with the price. Moreover, we hardly ever receive quality-related complaints from users. For these reasons, Japanese chemical products are the best option for some users. Many clients who have purchased chemical products manufactured in Japan from us have become repeat clients.

Our goal is to make the world a less complicated, more transparent and more prosperous place by supplying quality Japanese chemical products to users who love them.

2) Consult with Daishin

Please let us know once you have clarified your conditions.
We will listen to your request and make a proposal based on your needs.

Please try to share your situation (current purchasing status, your new project, your application, the final products, etc.) and your purpose to obtain our quotation (cost reduction, quality improvement, dual vendor strategy, etc.) with us so that we can try to submit the most suitable solution for your situation.

How to select chemical suppliers in different countries

The most important point to select a chemical supplier is whether the salesperson is reliable. In this regard, we trust Daishin is a better choice than major trading companies:

Comparison between Chemical Specialized Trading Company and Global Trading Companies

The Pros of Local Chemical Specialized Trading CompaniesThe Cons of Global General Trading Companies
Being specialized in chemical business, have strong ties with chemical manufacturers.Salespersons are not specialized and their levels of knowledge and skills vary.
The same individual is responsible for a client’s business for a long time, as there are only few personnel changes.Salespersons in charge often change, as there are many personnel changes.
Salespersons are specialized in only chemical areas, and are able to quickly respond to client’s requests.Salespersons are responsible for a wide range of areas and not able to quickly respond to client’s request.
Salespersons have stronger authority and are more flexible to meet detailed client’s needs.Company manuals and policies are prioritized and less flexible to meet detailed client’s needs.
The Pros of Global General Trading CompaniesThe Cons of Local Chemical Specialized Trading Companies
Being well-known, the company name can provide a sense of security from the beginning. Being not so well-known, the company name can provide a sense of insecurity at first.
There are many salespersons with a variety of knowledge, as the company deals with various products ranging from instant noodles to rockets.Being specialized in chemical business, salespersons are unfamiliar with information outside the chemical industry.
A large scale of operation that has the capacity to deal with projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.A small scale of operation that does not have the capacity to deal with projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
They can handle non-chemical products such as resource development, M&A and so on.They are not able to handle non-chemical products such as resource development, M&A and so on.
They can provide products from branch offices in other countries even if the manufacturers are not located in Japan. They are not able to provide products from branch offices in other countries if the manufacturers are not located in Japan.

3) Discussing availability, quality standards and price of products

Daishin offer the chemical products based on CIF or CFR. Therefore, at this point, please check import duty in your country through the HS Code. Also, please check the whole costs of import procedure with a forwarder and calculate the final cost that will be incurred by your company.

4) Sampling test

Once the cost of the purchase is estimated based on the specification sheet and offered price and they are acceptable for you, please check the actual quality of the product by a sampling test (normally we can provide you a sample of 50 g. (grams) to 1 kg. (kilogram), although availability of the samples varies depending on products and situations).

5) Trial order

If a sample test is successful, we recommend you to purchase the product with the smallest unit, such as 1drum (e.g. 200 kgs.) before making bulk order for safety sake, and conduct a final check of the quality by experimentally using it with your actual equipment.

6) Initial contract

If everything is acceptable for you after the trail order, please send us your order confirmation by email and we will prepare a sales contract for you and make the first payment for the contracted product.
The contract options include a long-term contract such as an annual contract and a contract for the first shipment.
(Initially, we recommend our clients to make a contract for the initial shipping lot only at first and once our quality and our service are confirmed OK by you, then conclude a long-term contract.)

* Cancellation after concluding a contract is not permissible. Please make sure to check whether the product you are going to purchase is subject to import control or needs an import application before your submit your order confirmation.

7) Initial shipment

The product is shipped according to the contract conditions and your forwarder deliver to your site after import procedures.

The General Flow to import Chemical Products

Arrangement for import clearanceYour appointed forwarder arranges and prepares import clearance.
The forwarder will identify the declared value of the product and the applicable classification code (H.S. CODE) based on the shipping documents from Daishin and the information obtained from you, and will prepare an import declaration to be submitted to customs. In case the cargo requires special permission (because of other laws and regulations) other than import clearance upon import, the necessary applications should be prepared in order to submit them to the relevant governmental office in time.
Import declarationAfter the vessel arrives at the port and the cargo is unloaded, the forwarder will declare said cargo to customs. In accordance with your country’s regulations, document reviews and cargo inspections will be conducted by customs. The reviews and inspections will be completed if there is no problem. If the cargo requires additional applications based on other regulations, you have to apply accordingly.
Import PermitAfter reviews and inspections by customs are completed and import duty and VAT are paid, an import permit is given and an official letter of import permit will be issued. (in case any other applications are made based on other regulations, an import permit will not be given unless the applications are approved).
Delivery Order exchangeYou need a Delivery Order (D/O) issued by the shipping company to receive the cargo.
You will pay all the local charges to the shipping company and exchange the original B/L with the D/O.
Delivery arrangementYou deliver the cargo to your site by container drayage or cargo truck. When receiving the cargo at the shipping company’s yard (CY/CFS), the D/O and the official letter of import permit to the CY/CFS have to be submitted. The CY/CFS will deliver the cargo after confirming the D/O and details of the letter of permit.
(As the flow may vary depending on countries, please check the regulations in your country in advance.)

8) Feedback

Please provide feedback on quality of our product and our service to help us to improve future shipments.

Please feel free to Contact us.

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